Where I Find My Clothes

Welcome back! If I could describe my fashion sense in a few words, I’d call it trendy, vintage and cheap. When it comes to clothing, I do love the high fashion looks (you can see plenty of those on my Passion for Fashion Pinterest board), but I don’t like the high fashion prices. I can’t remember the last time I’ve paid full price for any of my recent clothing purchases!

People always ask me where I get a certain top, pair of shoes, and the answer is always different. In today’s post, I’ll be listing a few of the locations I find some of my fashion gems as well as how much I paid for a particular item or items pictured.

Where I Find My Clothes | A Black Girl Blogging

Lets get to shopping!

Thrift store

This is probably my number one place to find clothing–the thrift store! 80’s and 90’s styles are in right now and that tends to be the era of clothing that’s donated the most. Every time I visit a thrift store, I leave with at least four or five items, but have only spent around $10 to $15 bucks!

Where I Get My Clothes | A Black Girl Blogging

Take this outfit for instance. I bought both articles of clothing on separate occasions but both purchases were under $15 dollars. The top was $11 and the H&M shorts were $4. All in all, both the top and bottoms only cost me $15, when the shorts in a retail store would’ve cost me at least $15 dollars alone.

While I do enjoy going to Goodwill, I find the best thrift store finds come my hometown thrift stores or second hand shops! That top up there actually came from a place called Rag-O-Rama, which is like Plato’s Closet, but with an eclectic soul. They have all sorts of vintage and trendy pieces.

They also have three locations, two in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Columbus, Ohio. Check out their website for more information!

Plato’s Closet

I’ve mentioned Plato’s Closet a lot on my blog, but even though it has its downfalls, I can always count on finding some great pieces there most of the time. I’ll make a bit more of a dent in my wallet, but all well worth it!

Where I Get My Clothes | A Black Girl Blogging

Both the sweater and jeans came from Plato’s! The sweater was $8 and the jeans were $6, originally $12. I happened to be buying these items on a day they were doing 50% off clearance items. The boots and jacket were bought elsewhere.

Plato’s is a much trendier place, so I tend to go them when I’m looking for things in style (i.e. high waisted jeans, oversized cardigans, jean skirts).


Retail clearance racks

When I do retail/mall shopping, this is the first place I hit: the clearance racks. Usually located at the back of the store, these racks can hold all sorts of hidden fashion gems. You can always come away with loads of items without so much as a dent in your wallet.

Where I Get My Clothes | A Black Girl Blogging

These black pants (also from H&M) were bought at just $7, with a normal retail price of $24.99! That’s what I call a sale! I was able to secure the pants because I dug around in the messy racks for a little while.


There you have it. This list isn’t to say that I never pay full price for clothing items, but for the most part, I opt to shop either secondhand or in the clearance racks. I’ve never spent more than $50 on any piece of clothing in my closet, but in some cases, I believe you would never be able to tell that due the quality of the pieces I buy and the condition they’re kept in.

You might shy away from that small thrift store deep in the cut, but that could be just the place that houses your next trenchcoat, pair of booties, or cute cardigan!


Where you guys like the purchase your clothing? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love your style! Especially the jeans! I shop at the thrift store all the time. That’s where I bought my mom jeans too! 🙂


    1. Thanks Kelsey! I find that I wear the jeans at least once a week, even when I’m not meaning to wear them lol

    1. I love retail clearance so much especially at the end of the season so I can stock up for next year haha

  2. I love your outfits and style, Tandra! It’s simple yet chic and I definitely need more inspiration in that type of fashion. Thank you for these suggestions!

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