Greetings, loved ones: let’s take a journey

It’s lit.

Well, I finally did it. After many teasing posts and IG stories, I have decided to go out on a limb and start my own blog!

Welcome to A Black Girl Blogging, a lifestyle blog by yours truly, dedicated to all things fashion, hair, beauty and more, from a black girl perspective.

What’s the deal?

So often I’ve seen plenty of blogs and websites centered around a white girl’s lifestyle, but very few centered around a black one. This blog was created with black girls in mind.

While I won’t be talking about race issues all the time, just know that everything I write has the ultimate goal of making a girl like me feel more included in the blogging community.

My blog will center mainly around beauty, fashion, hair and overall lifestyle topics. Below is a list of things you can expect to be on the blog some day, if not one day soon:

  • Beautybest dark lip shades for dark skinned girls, makeup brands I swear by
  • Fashionthings you need in your winter closet, how to rock fur and not feel guilty
  • Hairnatural hair products that won’t break the bank, the pros and cons of protective styles
  • Lifestylestaying sane during finals week, how to save money without sacrificing good food

In addition to those topics, I will also have a category dedicated solely for my thoughts: #imo (short for in my opinion). This can range anywhere from something going on in the news to just my top celeb crushes! As I grow and write more, I hope to have more categories.

“Enough about your blog, Tandra. What about you?”

I mean, if you insist.

I’m Tandra Smith, a 20 year old junior journalism major from outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I currently attend Georgia Southern University and I am member of Delta Phi Epsilon! I’m also on staff at my school’s newspaper: The George Anne.

I’m a self proclaimed thrift store fashionista and I’m almost always rocking a dark purple or red lip. I’m a Leo and I fit all the stereotypes.

This isn’t my first foray into a blog (RIP YA book blog), but I hope this will be one that I stick to.

I’ve always loved writing and I want to keep up my skills by adding content to this blog. If I get famous because of it, well, I’m not complaining!

So, will I keep up with this blog? Want to wish me well wishes on this new blogging journey? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,