Year of the Blog – ABGB’s January Blogging Mood Board

Welcome back everyone! I already had a blogging mood board post coming up next in my planning schedule, but after a bit more thought, I realized I wanted to expand it and make it monthly!

With 2018 being the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar, I decided to name January’s mood board, “Year of the Blog”! This mood board is all about being optimistic for the new year, while being excited about all the new blogging possibilities as well.

I will be crediting pictures when I can, so you can love more of their work!

Year of the Blog - ABGB's January Blogging Mood Board

A Black Girl Blogging's January Mood Board

(Credit from left to right: [Row 1] @collagevintage, @love_ciandra, @tinyhipster_, [Row 2] @khadijashari, @sheseekschic, @shopmissa, [Row 3] @forkandfrill, @kierraxmakayla]

Row 1

First up on the board is this adorable fashion and accessory shot from @collagevintage. With most of America suffering from cold temps, that jacket is just what I need to warm me up. Along with that cute white bag, the whole picture gives me cozy and professional vibes!

Next is a shot of a pair of fabulous gold booties by @love_ciandra. The New Year is all about celebration and what better way to do this than to wear some gold? Put these babies on and you can conquer anything 2018 has to throw at you.

Last up on Row 1 is from @tinyhipster_. She’s so serving boss girl realness and I’m all for it! Donning a yellow coat, shades and a stance that makes me want to pull on a blazer and head to the office, she embodies the exact attitude I’m trying to bring to the New Year.

Row 2

The first image for Row 2 is of @khadijashari. She’s a gorgeous dark skinned beauty who is an up and coming model. She most recently did a campaign with Black Radiance advertising their Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme lipsticks, which I have talked about before on the blog. She’s the epitome of #blackgirlmagic and perfect for this January mood board.

Shelby from @sheseekschic makes up the oh so important middle photo. The “New Year Who Dis” is the perfect twist on the phrase “New Year, New Me”. I’m totally jealous of that miniature menu like board and thinking about getting one for myself. Let me know of some good place to find one in the comments!

@shopmissa is the owner of the final photo in Row 2. No use in crying over spilled glitter, especially glitter this amazing! Perfect for your body or eyes, there was no way I could make a mood board without including glitter somewhere.

Row 3

To begin the last row of my mood board, @forkandfrill is pictured with a fur jacket from my dreams. Looking at it just makes me want to curl up with Netflix on my laptop and tea in my hands.

The second to last photo is from @kierraxmakayla! Kierra is totally my productive goals. Planner open, warm socks on and what looks to be like a candle just begging to be lit. Teach me your ways!

My final photo, I unfortunately can’t remember where I found it. I saved it on my phone a while back and have tried searching for the source and who she is, but alas, to no avail. If you do know the credit or anything about this photo, please let me know so I can credit her! This girl is simply stunning.


That’s all for my very first mood board! I hope it brings you blogging inspiration for your January is it will bring me.


Have a mood board that’s inspiring you? Share the link in the comments! I’d love to add them to my IG story or even in a future post!


Until next time,

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  1. Love this post. I read another post about doing a mood board. I love how each photo has a purpose for you. Good luck in 2018!

  2. Awesome photography! I really enjoyed exploring your blog and I can’t wait to keep up to date with it in the future! My blog is if you would like to check it out 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming by Kelsey. I’ll totally check out your blog! Glad you enjoyed my blog and hope I see you again sometime soon!

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