My 2018 Blogging Goals

Welcome back everyone! 2018 is right around the corner and with that are new blog goals! I’m still a ripe blogger, so best believe I have a lot blogging goals for next year!

This post was inspired by one over at Charlotte’s Picks, so make sure to check hers out as well.


My 2018 Blogging Goals | A Black Girl Blogging

Getting to 1,000 followers on any social media platform

Getting to 1,000 followers is an accomplishment no matter what platform it’s on!ย  While I have over 800 on Instagram, the rest of my platforms are lacking. My first goal for 2018 is to hit 1,000 followers or likes on my social media pages. Once I hit that, things can only go up, right?

Bonus points if I manage to have more than one reach this goal. Speaking of social media, are you following me on all my platforms? If not, look no further!


  • Have a post go viral

I’m pretty sure this is everybody’s life goal–to have something go viral and get hundreds of views. Add me to this list, because I’d love for a post I create next year to go viral, whether it is in the blogging community, or outside of the blogging community.

I typically consider something having gone viral when it’s been stolen by people, but that isn’t a good thing when it comes to blog posts, haha. I will settle for a substantial amount of retweets and likes on a tweet on Twitter, numerous repins on Pinterest, or a lot of likes on Instagram.

  • Improve my flat lay technique

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, a flat lay is where you put a few items down flat on a surface and take a picture from an aerial view. Think taking a picture of your food before you start eating it. I had no idea what this term was until I started my blog, but I’d been liking photos since before the idea of a blog was even in my mind.

My 2018 Blogging Goals | A Black Girl Blogging

Now that I have an iPhone 8 Plus (which I mentioned that I wanted in my essential apps post), I’ll be making well use of portrait mode and the better rear camera in general! I also own a DSLR camera as well, so I’ll be utilizing that more as well.

With plenty of rugs, boards and more background ideas, I’m confident 2018 will be the year I’ll be mastering flat lays!

  • Collaborate with bloggers and a major brand

This is a huge goal of mine as my followers and views begin to increase. I am still a very new blog (as of the writing of this post, I don’t have a single email subscriber!), but by year’s end, I’d love to either have a guest post from a blog, or provided products from some of my favorite brands.

For me, collaboration is such an important thing in the blogging world, because it’s impossible to grow and cultivate your brand without comments from people in the same field! Even if it’s just one guest blogger, I’ll still feel like I welcomed 20.

  • Travel out of state due my posts

One of my loftier goals for sure, but I’d love to be able to go out of state due to my posts. Whether it is I’m offered a sponsored opportunity or invited to a convention, I’d love to get out of Georgia thanks to something I’ve done on this blog!

  • See the fruits of affiliate programs/Google AdSense

Finally, I’d love to see a bit of cash at the end of the year because of the affiliate programs I’m a part of, or because of Google AdSense (which I’m still waiting to be approved on…fingers crossed!).

Most people tend to wait a while before they start to monetize their blog, but I didn’t want to waste any time. As my blog grows and matures, I’m sure I’ll see these labors bear their fruit.

That’s all for my 2018 blogging goals. What are your goals for 2018? Share in the comments below!

Until next time,

16 thoughts on “My 2018 Blogging Goals

  1. Great goals! I just signed up for your email list and I’d love to collab. I’m a new blogger too and haven’t dived into that world. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for reaching out Lisa! Iโ€™ll be emailing you soon and following you on all my socials x

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Yes to these goals especially getting to travel out of state by being sponsored and seeing results of affiliate programs. I am in the process of writing my 2018 blog goals, i just wrote my personal ones so these will be very helpful for mine too. Thanks. btw i love your blog theme!!!

    1. Glad you stopped by, Lola! I’m glad you love my theme too. I hope you come up with some awesome goals like I did and you accomplish most (if not all) of them this year!

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