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5 Misconceptions About Natural Hair

Welcome back, y’all! Oh the joys of natural hair…the detangling, the washing, the day long deep conditioning process… You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how much time goes into maintaining natural hair.

You’d also be surprised the amount of misconceptions people have about natural hair and people who are natural. Today, I’ll be breaking down just a few natural hair misconceptions that I’ve heard and why they are misconceptions!

Five Misconceptions About Natural Hair

The 4 Eyebrow Products I Swear By

The Four Eyebrow Products I Swear By

Welcome back, y’all! Eyebrows are one of my favorite parts of doing my face, besides blinding highlight. Since thick, full “Instagram” brows have gotten popular, people have been trying all sorts of products to fill in their eyebrows.

Personally, I don’t have to fill in my brows, but I do like having them look like they’ve just been threaded or waxed all the time. I’ve gone through many products and today I’m here to share with you my favorites!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I’d receive a small commission if you end up purchasing through my link!

The 4 Eyebrow Products I Swear By

Where Has A Black Girl Blogging Been?

Hey y’all! Long time no see! It’s me, Tandra, finally back from a two month break from blogging. It happens to the best of us. School’s been kicking my butt, but I’m excited to be getting up some new stuff. I’m sure you’ve been missing my content, so what better way to explain what I’ve been up to these past few months than with a blog post?

Where Has A Black Girl Blogging Been?

(Black) Love’s in the Air – ABGB’s February Mood Board

Welcome back, y’all. It’s February, aka American Heart Month, National Snack Food Month, and my personal favorite: Black History Month!

I’m black, I’m proud and there’s no denying that anywhere you look. But love IS in the air this month, so why not combine the two?

Introducing my February mood board, (Black) Love’s in the Air! Featuring all things pink and carefree melaninated black girls, this board is sure to get your heart fluttering.

Don’t forget, this is a monthly blog post series! If you missed my very first mood board, be sure to check it out here!

(Black) Love's in the Air - A Black Girl Blogging's February Mood Board

5 Things Every College Student Should Know How to Do

Welcome back, y’all! So, maybe you’re currently in college, struggling through your final year of school, or maybe you’re still in high school, getting acceptance letters and thrilled to be going off to school in the fall. Maybe you’re just like me and done with the underclassman part of college, but not quite through the upperclassman part.

If so, this post is for you.

I don’t care how prepared for college you were or thought you were, I can guarantee you that there will be something listed here on today’s post that you either don’t currently know how to do, or had to figure out how to do. Maybe you still don’t know how to do it!

Below are the five things I think every college student should know how to do or if currently in school, should learn how to do better. A lot of these tips definitely came from my own experience, so here’s hoping that you learn from me!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

5 Things Every College Student Should Know How To Do

Where I Find My Clothes

Welcome back! If I could describe my fashion sense in a few words, I’d call it trendy, vintage and cheap. When it comes to clothing, I do love the high fashion looks (you can see plenty of those on my Passion for Fashion Pinterest board), but I don’t like the high fashion prices. I can’t remember the last time I’ve paid full price for any of my recent clothing purchases!

People always ask me where I get a certain top, pair of shoes, and the answer is always different. In today’s post, I’ll be listing a few of the locations I find some of my fashion gems as well as how much I paid for a particular item or items pictured.

Where I Find My Clothes | A Black Girl Blogging

Lets get to shopping!

A Black Girl Blogging’s Guide to Natural Hair: My Wash Day Routine

The two words that strike fear into every naturalistas heart, whether a new natural or a very seasoned one: wash day. For those of you who don’t know, wash day is the term dubbed by people with natural hair because washing your hair can be a day long process due to a variety of factors. Washing natural hair isn’t just an easy 20 minutes in and out during your shower, y’all!

This post details my own wash day routine, which took me about two and a half hours from start to finish. Wash days can vary from person to person and also by what they want their hair to look like. This is my wash routine after my hair has been straightened for an extended period of time. Grab that wide tooth comb and detangling brush because you’re in for a wild ride!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

My Winter Style Wishlist | A Black Girl Blogging

My Winter Style Wishlist

There’s something about winter that is simply so magical for fashion. We put away the off the shoulder summer tops or spring shorts and pull out the heavy furs and chunky cardigans. As a big fan of (fake) fur, chunky knits and all things long sleeves, what better way to pay homage to the joys of winter style than to make a wishlist?

As a disclaimer, this post will contain affiliate links from both Charlotte Russe (which I have gushed about before) and Amaryllis Apparel, which I am currently obsessing over, but have nothing from at the moment. If you purchase something from one of these links, I’ll get a commission, at no extra cost to you!

It’s super easy and all you have to do is click the link or the picture of the item! Even if you don’t purchase anything, just know that these products still get the Tandra stamp of approval.

My Winter Style Wishlist | A Black Girl Blogging

Year of the Blog - ABGB's January Blogging Mood Board

Year of the Blog – ABGB’s January Blogging Mood Board

Welcome back everyone! I already had a blogging mood board post coming up next in my planning schedule, but after a bit more thought, I realized I wanted to expand it and make it monthly!

With 2018 being the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar, I decided to name January’s mood board, “Year of the Blog”! This mood board is all about being optimistic for the new year, while being excited about all the new blogging possibilities as well.

I will be crediting pictures when I can, so you can love more of their work!

Year of the Blog - ABGB's January Blogging Mood Board

The Sunshine Blogger Award Goes to…A Black Girl Blogging!

Welcome back, y’all. I’m super excited to share this news–I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Conchita Isdiawan, over at her blog, Hello, Conchita.

I’m really honored to receive this award, especially since I’m super new to the blogging world! Big shout out to Conchita for nominating me. She saw something awesome in this little ol’ blog and I hope that other people continue to see what she saw too!

The background and rules for this award are simple. The Sunshine Blogger award is given from one blogger to another who brings them inspiration. As for the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated your blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by that blogger.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and link their blogs in your post!
  4. List the rules for the Sunshine Blogger Awards and display the award logo on your blog or blog post.

That’s all. Let’s get on with answers, yeah?

The Sunshine Blogger Award Goes to...A Black Girl Blogging | A Black Girl Blogging