Staying Mentally Healthy While in College (A Guest Post from

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Welcome back, y’all! Today I have a guest post by Precious Okoruwa, owner of! Her blog focuses on all things college, books and lifestyle. Make sure you not only read today’s post, but check her blog out too! Precious tackles a big topic in the college community at the moment, mental health. Sometimes classes […]

5 Types of Shoes That Should Be in Your Closet

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Welcome back, y’all! It’s definitely been a minute since I last posted! I’m so excited to be putting out some new content for y’all to enjoy! I am a total sucker for shoes. From booties to wedges to heels to flats…ugh! I love them all. Even though I admittedly might own too many shoes, I do […]

How to Juggle a Job as a Full-Time College Student

Welcome back y’all! As I’m sure you all know, college is not easy. It’s especially not easy juggling any sort of extracurriculars or jobs. I’ve had a job ever since freshman year and working plus going to class and a lot more hasn’t been easy, but luckily, there are a few things that I’ve learned […]

For Choco Girls: A Q&A with Maia Berry, Owner of Shop Choco Girls

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Welcome back, y’all! Here at my blog, you guys already know I’m all about celebrating and showcasing black women and women of color. Today is no exception! I had the pleasure of interviewing Maia Berry, owner and CEO of Shop Choco Girls, about her shop, which has all sorts of clothing and accessories geared towards […]

5 Misconceptions About Natural Hair

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Welcome back, y’all! Oh the joys of natural hair…the detangling, the washing, the day long deep conditioning process… You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how much time goes into maintaining natural hair. You’d also be surprised the amount of misconceptions people have about natural hair and people who are natural. Today, I’ll be […]

The Four Eyebrow Products I Swear By

The 4 Eyebrow Products I Swear By

Welcome back, y’all! Eyebrows are one of my favorite parts of doing my face, besides blinding highlight. Since thick, full “Instagram” brows have gotten popular, people have been trying all sorts of products to fill in their eyebrows. Personally, I don’t have to fill in my brows, but I do like having them look like they’ve […]

(Black) Love’s in the Air – ABGB’s February Mood Board

Welcome back, y’all. It’s February, aka American Heart Month, National Snack Food Month, and my personal favorite: Black History Month! I’m black, I’m proud and there’s no denying that anywhere you look. But love IS in the air this month, so why not combine the two? Introducing my February mood board, (Black) Love’s in the Air! […]